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This submission system is designed for University of Houston College of Pharmacy (UHCOP) students to provide suggestions, feedback, and questions related to Pharmacy Council or UHCOP student organizations’ operations. Submissions here are received by the president and president-elect of Pharmacy Council and are reviewed by the Pharmacy Council faculty advisor.


Please know, this is NOT the proper mechanism for reporting allegations of misconduct.

To file information with the University of Houston related to student behavior/conduct/discipline, please complete the Incident Reporting form at: https://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?UnivofHouston

To report information related to sexual misconduct, please complete the reporting form through the Equal Opportunity Services office at: https://uh.edu/sexual-misconduct-reporting-form/

Students wishing to report information anonymously may do so through the University of Houston’s Fraud & Non-Compliance system “Convercent” at: https://app.convercent.com/en-us/LandingPage/b3d1c670-e06c-e711-80cf-000d3ab0d899

If you are seeking to report an emergency, please contact 911 or the University of Houston Police Department at (713) 743-3333.